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Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop

Shoppers can enjoy a cappuccino with a biscotti while wandering through the shop with its selection of countless culinary implements. Fante’s is one of America’s oldest cookware shops, serving chefs and home cooks since 1906.

Address: 1006 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147
Website: www.fantes.com
Email: mail@fantes.com

You walk in, and the friendly staff is very welcoming (but not overbearing). Make a right turn, following the decadent smell of coffee, and you will run into an in house coffee bar. Their cafe au lait is to die for. And at only $1.00 for an 8oz cup, it makes it the best deal in the city. They also have glorious chocolate covered espresso bean turn-dial machines. You know the kind that you would place a quarter in for a gumball when you were little? Only this time, the reward it much more sophisticated.

Head back into the main room and you see a beautiful assortment of copper cookware (for the lush) and stainless steel (for the realist).

The next room could be defined as ‘accessories’; Microplanes, Measuring devices, and Mandolins, oh my! It may look like organized chaos, but trust me, every top of the line brand you want is here.

Up the ramp we go to the top floor. Some may say, this is the most impressive. I will  admit, a great many paychecks have lost some very good men in this room… the baking and serving room.

First, a wide variety of baking pans, molds, and dishes. Everything from classic 8inch round cake pans to Canale molds. They also carry a variety of flours, flavorings, icing tins, fondant…you name it. I assure you, if you can think of it, Fante’s will deliver.